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DJ CodyC

DJ CodyC started dj'ing in 2012 during his senior year of high school. Friends and community members hosting graduation parties, fundraising events, and other various gatherings requiring good music began to call and his business was born. His name hails from the Jersey Shore sensation DJ Pauly D, given to him by a few high school classmates. The name stuck. 
His business has began to grow with increased opportunity in both southern Minnesota and Minneapolis metro. He has built a reputation as a dj who caters to his clients and brings their night to life with positivity and great music. DJ CodyC believes that detailed coordination with his clients helps ensure their day and night will be unforgettable. Now 28-years old with almost 100 weddings and over 100 events under his belt, DJ CodyC is well on his way to becoming one of the top djs in the area.
He looks forward to your call and helping YOU bring your event to LIFE.
MOST RECENT CONCERT: Koe Wetzel in Sugarland, TX
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DJ CodyC Entertainment

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